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About Us


Dhru and Gul Bhagwanani, who emigrated to Pittsburgh from Bombay in the 60’s had always planned to move into a senior community after they retired. The couple had no children. 

“ We knew we had to move to a retirement community, so we wouldn’t be lonely in a huge house “ said Dhru, who was a family physician. However, when the time came to retire, they realized that Pittsburgh had its own challenges. While Pittsburgh serviced the community with temples of different denominations, it lacked any center where seniors of Indian origin could meet and spend their time together.

They were also aware that Indian Immigrants, who had come to USA in the 1960’s and 1970’s for educational and work opportunities, would also be faced with the same dilemma of down sizing and would not be able to return to India, because of the attachment to their children and grandchildren.


They concluded that, like them, this aging group of Indians would feel more comfortable associating with their own age group. The only way this could be achieved is by starting a senior center close to the temples, where this aging population could congregate and feel comfortable and be right at home.

Dhru and Gul were not able to see their dream come true, as they both passed away, within 4 months of each other in 2012. However, they did establish a Trust Fund leaving behind a substantial amount of money to fulfil their dream.

After their passing away, the courts took some time in appointing an executive committee, who have diligently worked on this project for the past few years to fulfil Dhru and Gul Bhagwanani’s dream.

Permanent Board Members:

Dr. Radheshyam Agrawal - President 

Mr. Rahul Joshi - Secretary 

Mr. Satish Jindel 

Mr. Jamnadas Thakkar

Mr. Kishor Mehta

Advisory Committee Members:

Mr. Tridas Mukhopadhyay 

Mr. Haresh Malkani 

Dr. Rajnikant Popat

Dr. Umesh Golani 

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